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1. What does LED mean?
Answer: LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. LED is also called alight diode. LED is an electronic semiconductor device that requires very little energy to emit light.

2. What is the difference between an LED/light diode and a light bulb?
Answer: The major difference is that a light bulb has a filament between its poles, whereas an LED has no filament. An LED emits light when current flows through the semiconductor material on the poles.

3. Does the System LED have any limitations?
Answer: 100 system metres or 400W. The wattage and system metres for each product can be found under the Products link in the menu to the left.

4. Can you use a dimmer with System LED?
Answer: Yes. But only special dimmers intended for use with LEDs. "Normal" dimmers do not work with System LED.

5. What does "system metres" mean?
Answer: The number of metres the current travels inside the product. Therefore, not the length of the product, but the length of power cable inside the product. Refer to the system metres for each item under the Products link to the left.

6. Is it possible to replace an LED/light diode if it is faulty?
Answer: No, the LED in System LED cannot be replaced.

7. How much burning time does an LED/light diode have in System LED?
Answer: The LED in System LED has an average burning time of 50,000 hours.

8. What certification does System LED have?
Answer: System LED is tested in accordance with applicable lighting standards and is certified by SEMKO in Sweden. It is CE and S marked.

9. Is System LED waterproof/rain-proof?
Answer: Yes, System LED is primarily intended for outdoor use and is IP44 approved.

10. What do Start and Extra mean?
The system is constructed with 1 START cable which is supplied as a separate unit. You then connect different EXTRA sets to this. These EXTRA sets do not have a connection cable as they are only expansion units. There is also an extensive range of accessories.